a white dress for Easter Sunday

Easter is this weekend! A day to celebrate growth and new beginnings!

If your family is anything like mine, Easter is kind of big, being Catholics and everything. When Easter is around the corner, my sisters and I are trying to pick out the “perfect” Easter outfit for Sunday’s mass. When I think of Easter, I think of growth and beginnings due to religious reasons. I’m going to skip the religious thing because that’s not the point of the blog. But it’s simply SPRING time!

A beautiful, feminine, and white off-the-shoulder dress is perfect for spring and on Easter!

Ahhh, spring is the season where all the flowers are blooming and all the cute animals are coming out from winter’s hibernation. What better color to represent spring than white? White symbolizes purity and new beginnings. Plus, white looks good in any season! 🙂  As for this dress, besides it being OTS (off-the-shoulder), it has ruffles, frills, and all things girly!

A beautiful, feminine, and white off-the-shoulder dress is perfect for spring and on Easter!

I absolutely adore all the intricate details of the lace trims lining the bottom of the dress and wrapping around the bodice areas of the dress. How the dress have straps with delicate ruffles gracefully draping your shoulders! It’s a perfect dress for the spring time! A plus for me is the length of the dress, it’s not the typical spring mini dress, but it’s a midi dress, making it appropriate for a church attire. There goes the pros, and now, here comes the cons…

The pleating of the dress makes it have too much fabric around the hip area, which creates an illusion of being bigger (or at least I look like I am preggo at certain angles). I tried on a small in the store, but ended up ordering an extra small online due to this reason. Given, the extra small will be tighter around the waist and have less fabric, slimming down my silhouette. However, a BIG however, the breast area is way too tight. I mean, I fit the extra small perfectly fine but required me to give up my support for the breasts, creating only an unflattering squishy look. Eye roll.

A beautiful, feminine, and white off-the-shoulder dress is perfect for spring and on Easter!

Nonetheless, all the pros outweighed the cons in my head. Therefore, I went to the store and exchanged it for a small. Yes, I said it made me look bigger. Then again, I’m delusional at time and very critical on myself, so it might just be in my head. Who knows.

As for where you can find this dress, here’s the link! (CLICK ME)

What’s your favorite color to wear in spring?


dearly yours,
the fashionista



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  1. Jen Gainer

    April 11, 2017 at 9:41 pm

    I love the idea of a white dress for Easter, I think no white until Memorial Day is such an old school of thought, thank you for being a free thinker!!!

    1. thi

      April 12, 2017 at 9:48 am

      omg yesss! I love wearing white in the winter as well! Feels so wintery and snowy! xoxo

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