wearing denim in the winter

When summer ends and fall/winter begins, the denim shirts are typically on sale and not seen worn much during the cold. I love bargains and sales! I would buy ‘summer’ style and make it work during the winter seasons. I shop when it’s only on sale, really [with a few exceptions]. Large corporations make enough money from us. We tend to pay more for current trends or fads but recycling an older piece to create a statement is exhilarating. Plus, fashions repeats itself just like history. Same style but in different eras. So be creative. Wear it with confidence and your style will radiate.

How to Wear a Denim Shirt During the Winter

Excuse my hair, first off. It was a little wild this morning, but messy hair and a sharp look goes well. Last thing I want to look is disheveled here, lol. Anyways, most people tend to wear their button up collared shirt under the sweater, but it can look super cute and casual over it. I am wearing a cable knit sweater tunic, which is long enough to cover my bum when I am wearing leggings. The denim shirt gives the sweater a more rustic look and creates a relaxed look. However, I paired it with a sparkly statement necklace because being too basic is vanilla. Haha. Grabbed some leggings and put on my cognac riding boots. Yes, this look may look too country for some, but I am from Texas and the dainty necklace enhances the outfit, taking it out of the country and onto the runway. The style is warm enough for me today. But I know, most of y’all are actually having real winters, so I took the liberty to demonstrate a jacket to pair with.

I picked an olive green jacket of all colors because one – I love this color! Two – the color creates a more cold, ominous look, somehow, establishing this outfit as an appropriate winter style. [If my reasoning even makes sense to you.] With a contrasting color jacket, the denim shirt becomes more distinctive, drawing the attention to your choice of wearing denim. Every decision made should add more dynamic details to your style, hopefully, attracting positive attention only.

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the fashionista


J.Crew – denim Shirt – size XS
Loft – sweater – size XS
Tory Burch – boots – size 8.5
Polo Ralph Lauren – leggings
Loft – necklace

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