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Whew! What a windy day it was. Most of the time I ended up eating my hair and maintaining my mane. But, the wind helped my images become more natural. lol I did not need a fan to blow my hair or dress! The simple beauty of nature.

So here is an idea of a holiday outfit that does not scream CHRISTMAS, but more subtle and stylish. Oh and it is super comfortable and affordable.

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I love a simple black dress with minor details, making it NOT the typical little black dress. This dress is Topshop cold shoulder swing dress. The fabric is soft  and feels like a rich T-shirt, whatever that means lol. Oh, the flowy dress is very forgiving if you would like to eat an extra slice of pie during the holiday festivities. How the dress falls on your body allows extra room for seconds but complements the body  not making you look pregnant.

With a simply gorgeous dress like this, all you need to do is dress it up a bit to show your holiday spirit! I chose to dress it up by adding a few pieces that stands out. I added a statement necklace, a soft fur vest to keep me warm (maybe not in Texas) and burgundy boots. I know, it seems like a lot but each detail brings out different elements in the style.

I could have chosen black or grey boots, but I chose burgundy. The rich deep red reminds me of wine, but that is not the reason! I chose it because the boots give the outfit a little more color, adding to the monotone color scheme I have here (black dress & grey vest). Oh and the lovely fur vest gives a touch of luxury. I don’t know if it’s only me, but I feel super fancy when I wear a furry element in my wardrobe. Maybe it’s only me.

The necklace adds elegance and class. It does not scream for attention like the vest does. It is much more subtle in its beauty. The hint of green contrasts well with the other details in the necklace, softening the metallic and gun metal tone. Sorry, the necklace was purchased from Club Monaco years ago. I do not have a link to it!

#christmas #cheesy #smile #reddoor #wreath #furvest #topshop #dress #vincecamuto #chanel #gst #clubmonaco #statement #necklace

SIZES & DETAILS : The Topshop cold shoulder swing dress is a size 2 US. The website explains the fitting pretty well, so choose according to the parentheses!  I am wearing a size 9.5 in the Vince Camuto boots (now 30% off until the 21st). The boots stayed up pretty well, but it was really lose around my calves. I think it would have fitted nicely with maybe jeans or leggings underneath. My vest is P. Luca fox fur vest in grey and a size small. Unfortunately the same one is sold out at Neiman Marcus Last Call. However, the site is having a great sale now and if you click the link, there will be other similar recommendations made from the site that are fairly comparable.

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