wait, am I still in New England?

I left Boston in September of last year seeking refuge from all the crazy snow storms. So, why is it so cold in Texas these past few days? Speaking of, my boyfriend from Boston recently just moved to Texas last July. [I am so grateful for all that he had sacrifice for our relationship]. He packed only ONE light jacket thinking that it would never be this cold in Texas. Poor guy. He has a lot to learn the bipolar weather of this state. The only upside about the cold temperatures is getting the chance to wear some of winter clothes and accessories collected over the years from living in Boston.

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I love the neutral look during winter, especially with a touch of white. White anything during the winter reminds me of the snowy days during my college years. Whoever made the rule about not wearing white bottoms after Labor Day and before Memorial Day is fashion Nazi, lol. Sorry, if you’re reading this and following this bogus “fashion rule”. Wear whatever makes you happy. It is YOUR style and no one else’s. Coming back to my outfit, I enjoy mixing different shades of brown because I hate being too matchy match.

#fashion #style #loft #burberry #loveLOFT #7forallmankind #toryburch #winterfashion #fallfashion #OTK #prada #neutral #white #beige #ivory

I paired my camel colored cowl sweater tunic [on sale] with my white jeans, giving a great contrast. I love how the sweater falls around my neck, not too tight nor too lose, and the little details on the sides, making it more snug and not like a brown paper bag! As for the boots, I had a choice of between my tan OTK, cognac riding boots or these brown ones. I chose the brown Tory Burch Simone boots [on sale] to create more depth in my outfit, refusing to settle for homely and dullness. The boots consist of two materials, suede and leather, adding more shades and colors! [Okay enough of why I picked this and that piece because it is starting to get repetitive]. Practically, I tried to stay in the neutral tone, but with each piece being a different shade of color. I topped off my outfit with my Burberry trench and Prada bag.

Lastly, I added a light colored scarf [on sale] to give my outfit a little more liveliness and a dash of girly! Nonetheless, my scarf is very soft toned and not too loud matching the theme of the other pieces in my style. Omg, I have to mention how versatile this scarf is, which makes it more amazing!

#fashion #style #loft #burberry #loveLOFT #7forallmankind #toryburch #winterfashion #fallfashion #OTK #prada #neutral #white #beige #ivory

Since it is so cold now, I am wearing it around myself using it as a blankie at the pharmacy!

Loft – Cowl Tunic Sweater, size XS

Tory Burch Simone Boots – size 9 (lightly different)

7 for All Mankind – Ankle Skinny Destroy in White Clean, size 25

Loft – Plaid Blanket Scarf

dearly yours,
the fashionista

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