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Ahhhh, the first day that actually feels like autumn in Texas would be the weekend I was in Austin! The gorgeous weather permitted me to wear my three staplessweater, leggings and boots, for the fall season. I know there is nothing special about the combination of this outfit and is practically basic, but what makes it special is my beautiful baby, Celine.

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Oh, I definitely do apologize for my awkwardness in my poses as I try to show off to y’all my outfit. I am obviously not a natural born model, so please forgive me if the poses are killing you deeply inside. This basic outfit of mine consists of:

  • A simple white sweater with small button details on the shoulders from Ann Taylor Loft, which is currently having a special right now with 40% off everything. I typically wear a XS in Loft, but the sweater in the image is a Large because I definitely wanted an oversized look in my sweater and to cover up my tush when I am wearing leggings.
  • The leggings are from American Apparel, which feel more like spandex material and will not show your panties if you are bending over like other typical cotton leggings would.
  • Simone boots – These knee high suede-leather boots are from Tory Burch. I believe you can still find them at some Tory Burch outlets because I purchased mine from years ago (maybe 4 years ago?) You can definitely call an outlet store and ask them to locate the desired style, color and size. The boots also come in black with the suede/leather fabric or an all leather look in brown or black, as well.
  • My baby aka purse is the Celine mini bag belt in emerald. I am in love with this bag! The color is just gorgeous and extraordinary. I love having a color pop in my wardrobe when my clothes are very neutral. The bag is versatile and is a perfect size- not too big or too small. I know a lot of people have complained about the clasp on the flap, but it is really simple! Pull down and lift up and vise versa when trying to lock it up!
  • Accessories – David Yurman bracelets, Cartier Love band ring and polish color is OPI‘s newest collection: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Rich & Brazilian (currently obsessed with this collection for the holidays – now I am wearing Matte Pearl).

#celine #hangbags #toryburch #suede #boots #kneehigh #sweater #leggings #loft #americanapparel #fallfashion #fashion #style #sweaterweather #davidyurman #cartier #opi

I just love how comfortable and easy it is to put this ensemble on without worrying about what you are exactly going to be doing that day. In this baby, you can practically do anything you want because I did just that over the weekend. I am a strong believe of practicality. Frankly, I love following other bloggers with their gorgeous outfits, but I always think if they really do wear the clothes throughout the day, walking in them 6″ stilettos or wearing that loud outfit to run everyday errands like I did on Saturday.

#celine #hangbags #toryburch #suede #boots #kneehigh #sweater #leggings #loft #americanapparel #fallfashion #fashion #style #sweaterweather

I drove in to Austin Friday night and started my Saturday at 5:30 am. Woke up and got ready and out the door by 9am. I went to get breakfast at Chick-fil-La and found some disappointing news that this nationwide chain eliminated the spicy biscuit sandwich from the breakfast menu. Bummer. Then a quick pitstop to Target to get my darling nephew a birthday present. Psst, Target is running a great deal on toys with different sales each day counting down to Black Friday. I got my LEGO Star Wars set for $16 off the original price and LEGO never goes on sale or allows coupons to be used on them. Finally, I made it to his 8th birthday party at Top Golf.

When I mention practicality, I mean my outfit has to work with everything I am doing that day, even playing golf or chasing the kids around so they do not fall into the pit. Top golf is an outdoors entertainment venue where you can play golf, games, drink and enjoy a good time in a casual, fun environment. Best way to put it in my own term is that Top golf is a driving range with targets that you kind of aim at (if you are really good) to score different points. I just hit the ball in hope that it will land in one of the targets you see behind me. Oh and hoping that the wind will push the golf ball further or the ball will roll into the target if it lands on the turf at first.

#celine #hangbags #toryburch #suede #boots #kneehigh #sweater #leggings #loft #americanapparel #fallfashion #fashion #style #sweaterweather

I love this venue because there are sofas and little coffee tables where you can lounge around with families or friends and order delicious foods and alcoholic beverages, making it have a lounge-y feel. Thank goodness, the place had heating lamps because it kept us warm in the shades under the roof. My only suggestion is bring golfing gloves. Those pretty hands of yours are not worth getting callouses to impress others with your non-golfing skills or how great you have picked up the sport with the awkward stance and the wacky swing you have managed to knock the ball off into the air. AND never take your eyes off the golf ball until you have swung it off the tee is another good advice I have for anyone trying golf out as a beginner. If you take your eyes off that dang ball, then you will never see that ball take off… seriously, concentrate on that ball like no other.

After an eventful time at the birthday party, I had to head back to the apartment and pack for a night’s stay at some house near lake Travis. Ugh, having woken up so early, I needed my coffee to sustain live and celebrate my best friend’s birthday! We were driving in Lago, Texas. No clue where this town was, but had search for a coffee shop en route of the destination and thank you, Google Maps for finding us this cute hole-in-the-wall coffee shop called Cafe Vistas. Here I am, taking an advantage of another photo op with my coffee and shades on all while sitting in a cute blue rocking chair. Sunglasses are Victoria Beckham.

#celine #hangbags #toryburch #suede #boots #kneehigh #sweater #leggings #loft #americanapparel #fallfashion #fashion #style #sweaterweather #coffee #victoriabeckham #sunglasses #aviators

(A little side story: You would not believe how I met Stephanie, my best friend, when I was in pre-kindergarten. I do not remember the exact details, but it was along the line of something like this.. I came over (maybe crawled over) to her ask if she wanted to share/trade snacks with me during snack time. The food enthusiast in me never ceased to grab any opportunity to try a new snack even when you are not allowed to share foods with others in school.)

By the time I arrived after a few detours, the sun was almost setting but not quite. Then and there was the most breathtaking view, where I was fortunate enough to witness it with my darling by my side. Below will be the a his & hers photoshoot with the sun setting on the lake, lol.

#laketravis #sunset #lake #austin #texas #ATX #nature #lakeview
#laketravis #sunset #lake #austin #texas #ATX #nature #lakeview #boyfriend #love #loveofmylife

Obviously, my photography skill is much better than his, but I will let you be the judge of it. The view is amazing. I wish we had brought out blanket outside and just laid there, but Mr. Prince Charming hates bugs and declined the proposition quickly. Thank you, Stephanie for having us over for the weekend. Happiest birthdays to you and Michael. 

***Comment below and tell me who’s picture is better: top or bottom ***

#laketravis #sunset #lake #austin #texas #ATX #nature #lakeview #boyfriend #love #romantic #loveofmylife

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