my TSA horror story…

My return flight departed at 8pm, but it got delayed for more than 3 HOURS! So I would land in Houston at 3am and have work in the morning! Yupp, I definitely was not to thrill about that news. I tried to call Southwest to get on an earlier flight… Long story short, I got a ticket but had a race against time. Okay, I had a late check-in with my baggage, which I did not mind [I got my check-in bag shipped to me the following day]. I ran upstairs, tripped and face planted. Before face planting, I tried to brace my fall as much as possible. I laid my hands flat down resulting in a broken finger nail, pulsating pain throughout my palms and my ID, boarding pass, and sweater were scattered on the steps. I graciously got up to collect all my belongings (or so I thought I did) and nonchalantly began walking towards the TSA pre-check line to pass security. I reached the line and the woman in front of me saw how frantic I was and offered me to go ahead. I explained my situation to the rest of the passengers in line, which allowed me to moved ahead as well. When I handed my boarding pass to the TSA agent, she scrupulously looked at me and said those people are ahead of you… The kind passengers informed her that they gave me permission to get ahead.

Sorry, I was due for a manicure!

I gave the TSA lady my boarding pass, but where the heck was my driver’s license?!? I backtracked my steps and could not find it. Went up to her again and explained to her that I lost my ID when I fell running upstairs, I asked can I just go through? She sternly looked at me and said “NO, you can go to the non TSA pre-check line if you want to.” I was lost for speech and started tearing up… [If I had to go through the other line, I would definitely miss my flight.] I held my tears back while walking towards the exit, where an airport employee approached me and asked if I lost my ID. Thank you God for giving me this blessing. Went back to the TSA agent and showed her my ID, she asked me when was my flight and I quickly answered 6:20pm. That old witch took her precious time to flip her wrist around, rolled up her sleeves, checked her watch and cruelly stated that I will not make my flight. I snapped back and said “I would make it, if you would just check my ID and boarding pass instead of checking the time.” I grabbed my stuff and rushed through the security line to go through the metal detector.

In front of me was a gentleman who was scuffling through his baggage, so I took the liberty and went in front of him and placed my ONE handbag on the conveyor belt. Then and there was another old TSA witch. She commented out-loud, “Someone is in a rush.” Seriously?! What is wrong with these people?! You are there to do ONE JOB! You only have ONE JOB and that is to ensure safety, NOT TO JUDGE OR MAKE UNNECESSARY COMMENTS! Rude, rude, and rude!

Once I survived those horrible encounters, I made it to my flight and was actually in line to board the plane. As I stood in line, my tears poured down my cheeks. I have never been treated so unpleasantly. From losing my ID to dealing with the vicious TSA agents, I just had enough and my anxieties went into overdrive… terrible! El fin.

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