a feminine summer dress for under $50

From spring to summer, I am still obsessing over floral print ANYTHING!

I absolutely fell in love with this maxi dress because of the soft pink color to the intricate floral print design, and if you look closely, there are little lizards on there as well! I love how it drapes your body and the rope around the waist has tassel ends, as well as, the back of dress. It’s feminine, casual, and versatile for day or night!

a feminine summer look with a pink floral maxi dress for under $50

This dress is super flowy and lightweight. Although it may look heavy in some of the images, it’s because I ordered a size too large and tore the tag before even trying it. Oopsie! I know it was a terrible decision on my part. The dress looks heavy on me in some photos because of the extra fabric around my body. Oh and mother nature didn’t help either! With the fabric being light, the wind kept on blowing and getting trapped underneath the dress, inflating my silhouette in the images aka making me look heavier! BUT, I promise you it looks amazing in person even if it’s slightly oversized because people will see that it’s the wind’s fault and not yours, lol.

The perfect pink shade and the floral print combination makes this look so feminine and soft, causing me to swoon over this sweet romantic look.

a feminine summer look with a pink floral maxi dress for under $50

Who would’ve thought this dress was from Abercrombie & Fitch! Sadly, it’s completely sold out online (but there are many in local stores around Houston) in the color combination shown! However there are other color combinations still available online! Jenny (my muse for blogging as mentioned in a prior blog posting) fell in love with the dress as well and was shocked to hear it’s from A&F! As previously mentioned in my other wrapped floral dress posting, A&F rebranded their images and doing an absolutely fabulous job! Best part of it all is the pricing!

The prices at A&F are very reasonable compared to other clothing brands with similar styles and the EXACT fabric for 5Xs the price. Umm, no thank you. I would prefer paying $30ish for my maxi dress from A&F (when on sale, of course) than pay over a bill for another polyester, floral print dress.

a feminine summer look with a pink floral maxi dress for under $50

Look anywhere online and you’ll find similar maxi dresses with varieties of colors and prints, but the price ranges are incredibly different between brands/designers. Honestly, find something that is less pricey because – a) it’s typically made of the same fabric, most likely 100% polyester or rayon and b) the loose, flowy maxi dress look won’t differ much between brands and how it’ll flatter your body or not – it’ll just be flowy! It’s either loose-fitting dresses flatter your body or not, no matter what brand it is!

Never apologize for being too girly! Embrace being a female and everything feminine!

a feminine summer look with a pink floral maxi dress for under $50

Abercrombie & Fitch
Dress: Regular, Small Shown (XS would’ve been a better fit)

dearly yours,
the fashionista

Random rant: 

When I started blogging, I looked at many bloggers social medias and researched about places they would represent. I found a common site between several bloggers, so I figured I’d give it a try since all the bloggers are ambassadors of the site. So here I am, naïvely ordering from romwe.com because other bloggers are show casing the design as sweet/nice cheap deals. I bought a few sweaters from them even after having read horrid reviews about the customer care and shipping services. I figured to give it a try. ‘You can’t knock it until you try it’ has always been my motto.

A random rant about fashion bloggers advertising cheap quality clothes

But boy oh boy, I wanted to scream at the fashion bloggers once I received my shipment. The clothes emitted a terrible odor, and the packaging was slipshoddy! I tried on some of the sweater and felt gross afterwards. Maybe it’s in the head, but the smell is surreal and the texture of the fabric was rough and itchy! Not only that, I never wore any the items I purchased, but one of the sweater fell apart… it legit ripped apart down the sleeves. Yes, so be aware when you’re ordering items based off “fashion blogger” sites because most are being paid to recommended some the clothes and stores.

dearly yours,
the chatterbox

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  1. Sarah-Jane

    June 8, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    What a great deal! That dress is lovely on you–the color is perfect! I am also guilty of taking the tags off of clothing before trying them on…oops! Hehe


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