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My first blog about professional outfits or work outfits. I mean, I should dress like this more often since I am a pharmacist, but why get dressed when I can wear scrubs..? I mean scrubs take like 5 minutes max to put on and this, I have to think in the morning! Anyways, I wanted to get dress today and feel pretty and that’s exactly what I attempted.

Thank goodness the weather is decent today. Oh, happy first day of winter! Nonetheless, it feels like autumn in Texas today. Def, not complaining here. I am perfectly fine with the nice coolness with plenty of sunshine. First up, this is the most simple combination for a work outfit. A cute blouse, with black dress pants and cute wedges [or flats]. Honestly, I don’t know how some girls are in stilettos and call it a work outfit. Like what is your job and you can wear that all day without pain? At least for me, I know I cannot stand and walk in hours with stilettos on. I like dressing comfortably when working for 40 hours a week. I mean, you do look cuter wearing skinny little heels on, but let’s be practical. Okay, back to the outfit.

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Super simple. I chose a trendy cold shoulder blouse with fluted sleeves from Ann Taylor and black straight Marissa pants from Ann Taylor Loft. [According to the Loft website: Marisa fits you, “if your hips are proportionate to your waist”.] Well, I guess I don’t have any womanly curves, but whatevs. I just gotta embrace what my mama gave me and work with whatever blessings I have [obvs not hips]. I decided to wear my Tory Burch black wedges, which are extremely comfortable and not high at all! Since I was wearing a purple-ish, plum color.. or more like a wine color. I wanted to add more colors to the outfit other than black, so I chose navy! Navy goes so well with a deep rich purple, red or green. Grabbed my Prada saffiano double zip tote in navy and paired it with my Club Monaco navy jacket with gold accessories and leather trimmings and shoulder patches.  I love the little details on this jacket and def is one of my fav!

#anntaylor #anntaylorloft #loveloft #clubmonaco #toryburch #prada #davidyurman #cartier #winterfashion #business #lookoftheday #fashion #style #professionallook

Oh, how can you forget accessories? I have my typical jewelry that I wear everyday: my Alex n Ani cross and lotus flower chain bracelets and earrings on my other piercings on my ears. I decided to dress it up a little more and added some bling to my style. I added some big sparkly earrings, since I decided to have my hair up today to give my presentation a little more oomph. [My hair was wild this morning from my bad habits of rolling around while sleeping.] With such big earrings already, I left my neck bare and chose a big bracelet instead, which is my David Yurman classic cable bracelet. The only two rings I actually wear include my David Yurman and Cartier love band. [I took the picture with the ‘Ann Taylor’ upside down for the earrings on purpose! If I didn’t, y’all would’ve seen it in an angle, and it wouldn’t do the earrings justice.]

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Thanks for reading and keep in touch! 💌 XOXO

dearly yours,
the fashionista

Ann Taylor: Size XS
[Maybe in stores? It was available this morning!]
Ann Taylor Loft: Size 0P
Tory Burch: Size 8
Club Monaco: Size 2
[Jacket is so old, sorry!]

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  1. duffelbagspouse

    February 2, 2017 at 6:34 am

    I love love love that cutout top. It is super cute.

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