Chia Seed Pudding Fruit Jars

My journey of losing 25lbs in six months

Fruit Jars: This snack is very filling and holds me over for several hours. I slice and dice my favorite fruits and layer each fruit nicely in a 16oz glass mason jar.

Eating healthy with different fruits

I love kiwis! I had the hardest of time of peeling the skin and chopping it off. However, my father showed me the easiest way to prepare kiwis. Cut the kiwis in half, grab a spoon and scoop it out to perfect halves. Now, chop away into cubes. After learning this little trick and how easy it really is, my fruit jars always contain kiwis!

Healthy fruits to eat

I tend to prepare 2 to 3 jars at a time for convenience purposes. You do not want to prep too far ahead, considering the fruits decomposing. The mason jar allows me to carry it in my bag without worrying about spillage or the fruits being squished. Once you’ve prepared your fruit jar, store the jar in the refrigerator and prepare your chia seed pudding!

My journey of losing 25lbs in 6 months

I soak my chia seeds in almond milk [soy milk is an alternative] about an hour or two before consumption. I prefer the consistency it creates over soaking the chia seed overnight, causing it to harden and clump together.

My journey of losing 25lbs in 6 months

Right before eating, I pour my chia seed pudding into the fruit jar and mix it well! If you want it a little sweeter, you may add a bit of granola and give it a crunch in texture as well, but do so sparingly. Once again, granola contains a high amount of sugar and causes inflammation in the body! One step at time

My journey of losing 25lbs in 6 months

I hope y’all will give this a try and enjoy it! xoxo

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