about dearly yours

Hi y’all!

Expressing my thoughts is fundamental to my sanity. There are too many words to vocalize. I discovered blogging as a new medium of communication. Each and every post here is drawn from different facets of my personalities. Some may be serious, some fun, but nonetheless, all will be sincere. I dearly hope this site will inspire some, motivate others but most importantly interest you in continuously reading my posts.

Serendipity caused you to stumble upon this site, so please, browse around and read what interests you. I would love to hear from you and get to know each reader, as you learn about me slowly from my writings. From this, I want to build real connections with people and not just talk to myself in this cyber world. Please, don’t be shy – I will try not to bite, xoxo

 dearly yours,
thi ngo

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