7 more helpful tips on War Robots from a female gamer

Can you believe it? It’s been months since my last post about War Robots!

Helpful tips and reviews from a female gamer.

After gaining some experience playing (oh, maybe a few months), I will go over what I’ve learned in the past few months and how different my tips have changed! Okay,

I’ve gotten a lot of surprises and confusions about a girly girl like myself would play War Robots… Yes, it’s kinda hard to believe. However, I grew up around competitive sisters, so we always had to have the newest games out and be the best in them. We practically had every game console possible during my lifespan, lol.

From there, I’ve been addicted to video games and what not. Also, my personality of being a perfectionist doesn’t help either. Once I start something, I have to do well in it or I’ll feel like a complete failure. I mean, after I get to the point of being so great, then I’ll stop, lol. With this game, I don’t think I’ll ever achieve that because of all the level ups and variables in players! I sounded super nerdy saying that, but oh wells.

Helpful tips and reviews from a female gamer.

#1: Is premium really worth it?

Yes, I am a sucker in paying a reasonable price to advance in a challenge. It costs $10 for a month of premium, about 33 cents a day, a little over a quarter. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY YES! Once you’ve upgraded your weapons to a certain level, the amount of silver necessary to advance your weapon to the next level is ridiculous! As of now, I am saving to upgrade my thunder to level 11, and it’ll cost me 16 millions of Ag. It gets to a ridiculous amount fast, and without premium, you would need to play Robot War probably as a full-time job. Save yourself time and frustration and choose premium.

Helpful tips and reviews from a female gamer.

#2: Earning a minimum of 5 gold after every victory

In my last blog, I said go and get some action for the damage points to collect Ag, and hopefully, you’ll be one of the top players to be rewarded with gold! What if I tell you there is a way to guarantee yourself at least 5 gold in every win… My obnoxious boyfriend revealed this to me, and I’ll share the secret to you. 🙂  One word: BEACONS. If you out perform your teammates in capturing the number of beacons, baby, you got yourself 5 gold only if y’all win! You can have the lowest damage points, but with the highest amount of beacons captured, 5 Au is rewarded.

Helpful tips and reviews from a female gamer.

#3: Whatever you do, save your gold for …

Okay, you might think you don’t need it. But oh boy, trust me, when you’re advancing to higher levels, the competition just gets harder. The other players will take out your robots in a jiffy! Whatever you do, think twice about spending your gold because unlocking the 5th slot for another robot is very helpful! Obvs, I have been playing for some time now. When I am battling, I see all these cool robots and weapons, but some of those luxury items can only be purchased with gold. DO NOT GET TEMPTED. (Oh, in my last blog, I told y’all to buy WPs with your gold… Ignore that!)

I am a very impatient person, maybe impatient might even be an understatement itself, lol. I spent 2,500 Au on my Galahad. If I had not spent my Au on a robot and WPs, I would have a 5th robot to play with! 🙁  Ugh, I wish I could do that. With WPs, the points are guaranteed over a time period, but you cannot guarantee gold (unless you purchase them – they’re definitely overpriced)!

#4: Know the ranges of weapons

I love my Molots! You can make fun of me for using ‘amateur’ weapons, but boy, they sure deal great damage to robots from afar! Don’t quote me on this, but it’ll aim pretty precisely at your enemy any distance under 800m. I have my Griffin geared up with all Molots. He’s my beacon catcher and my long-range bot. I play him first because everyone is so spread out, and I can begin dealing damage without allowing them to hurt me. Most robots will have Tarans, which are super powerful, but they’re mid-range weapons for a distance less than 350m. Yes, learn your weapons and their capabilities!

Helpful tips and reviews from a female gamer.

Additionally, if you know the range of most weapons, you can stay away from enemy fire by distancing yourself X meters away from the bot, so no damages are dealt. One last thing, I only start shooting my Thunder if I’m within 400ish meter of my enemy. The reload time is pretty quick, but I don’t want to use it when I know it’s ineffective. You’ll be surprised, but those one or two second can determine your robot’s fate.

#5: Daily Tasks

Do not stress if you cannot finish your daily tasks the day of! The daily tasks are there until you finish them. However, I suggest always having at least a minimum space of two spots available because the max is 5 tasks. If you reach your max, you lose a chance to earn Au.

Helpful tips and reviews from a female gamer.

Some daily tasks are nearly impossible because of your setup, so change them. For example, my daily task pertains having a light robot in my battles, but I do not play them. So I obvs changed it until its doable, but you only get TWO changes before they start charging you Au. If you are still unsatisfied, wait until the next day when the changes are free. Remember, a max of 5 daily tasks queue and only 2 free changes of daily tasks a day!

#6: A “brute” earns Au

David calls me a brute when I’m warring with him because I just go straight towards my targeted robot and take it out. Like seriously, the faster you take them out, the less likely they’ll cause damages to your team. I mean, I always get so many more damages than he does! I’m not saying to go reckless and commit suicide. Just be knowledgable about the robots. For one, you need to understand the health and how much it can withstand before choosing your target. Size up the enemy to see whether it’s worth to fight or flight.

Helpful tips and reviews from a female gamer.

#7: Do not underestimate your opponent base on “usernames”

As much as I would like to reiterate, my username is dearlydainty xo. And yes, they still pick on me, but heck, it takes a few of them to take me down. The cherry on top is when I am one of the top players in my team after the battle. 🙂

dearly yours,
the chatterbox

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  1. K•E•V•L•A•R

    July 14, 2017 at 11:58 pm

    We’ve got a couple of ladies in our clan, so you’d fit right in. They’re pretty fierce. I’ll look for you in matches. I’m diamond level 2, so I would guess we’d run across each other sooner or later. Pilot name K•E•V•L•A•R.

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